Blue Sky Miniature Horse Farm

Getting Started

In 1992, Marion & Donna Schmidt purchased their first miniature mare from a minister and his wife.  Since then, they have become enthusiastic about raising, training, showing, and selling a select few to families, friends, and all people who are as captivated by these miniature horses as the they are.

They share the registered miniature horses through tours to their farm for travelers through Ellis County, to families who select to find entertainment at the horse farm, and to the schools of Central/Western Kansas whose faculty select the educational tour to learn more about the talents of the "littlest horses" in Western Kansas.

The Miniature Horses

Miniature Horses have existed for thousands of years in Europe, but only during the past forty years, the miniature horse became recognized as a distinct breed in the United States.

In the 17th Century, miniature horses were bred down from standard horses as pets for the children of royalty. They are gentle and affectionate by nature and make excellent pets and show horses. They have increased in value the past ten years.

Children of all ages, six to eighty years, enjoy working with the miniature horses. Young children can easily take care of the daily care and feeding. They can gain much confidence, a sense of responsibility and respect for animals by ownership.

Come and Enjoy

Come enjoy yourself in a relaxed environment, where the animals are in their natural habitat, and where you can pet, feed, and brush a horse. You can also enjoy a buggy or carriage ride.

Guided tours and presentations available by appointment.